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Tuesday, 01 November 2016 12:49

Price list

Price list for Northampton Clinic:

Consultation (GP) - £30
Consultation and bioresonance therapy (Mora/Bicom) - £50
Consultation and HBS scan (non-invasive) - £40
Allergy test (full) - £125
Allergy test (up to 40 allergens) and treatment - £70
Allergy therapy - £40
Consultation + therapy - £60
Acupuncture and consultation - £40
Thyroid USG - £50
Blood test - £10
Medical cuppings - £30
Home visits (Northampton, Wellingborough, Bedford area)- £50
Cancer supportive treatments - Consultation - £70

Vitamin C intravenous treatment is prepared individually - please call for more information.
Hemp oil therapies - please call for  more information (only available in Poland)
We are about to introduce Alpha Lipoic Acid intravenous treatments for liver diseases (and with small doses of Naltrexsone as supportive treatments for pancreatic cancer) - more information will be on our website.

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