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Waldemar Pawlowski, MD

He graduated from The University of Bialystok Medical School in 1983. He completed his specialization in gynecology in 1989. Since then he has been working in hospitals at the gynecology, surgery, anaesthesiology and E&A wards. He is also a board-certified family doctor.

Apart from his training in conventional medicine, he has been interested in natural medicine as well. As a result of his further studies, he opened a Natural Medicine Clinic, BIONET, in 2000. He believes in a holistic approach to a patient and therefore he has been continuously participating in various courses, trainings and seminars on natural medicine, homeopathy, bio-information BRT ( at the dr. Cornelissen Institut), homotoxicology, izopathy, and acupuncture (studied with Prof. Garnuszewski).

Dr. Pawlowski believes that advanced medical technology opens many new opportunities for both diagnosis and treatments; telemedicine being one of them. Dr. Pawlowski co-operates with Prof. Krzymieniewski from the Institute of Medical Physics in Poznan, Poland. Prof. Krzymieniewski has discovered a new, non-invasive diagnostic method of monitoring and controlling the heart and cardio-vascular system, called NURSE ECG and Pulsoxymerty HRS which enables a physician to test the heart and cardio-vascular system quickly, more efficiently, and inexpensively. Dr. Pawlowski intends to continue to develop this method in the future.

Dr. Pawlowski also focus on treating atherosclerosis using natural methods, like intravenous chelation, methods developed by Dr. Matthias Rath, and a Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Louis Ignaro. In his medical practice, Dr. Pawlowski also uses:



Allergy tests
NURSE ECG heart test
Pulsoxymerty HRS
Mora tests

Other areas of treatments:

Cardio-vascular diseases
Upper respiratory tract infections
Atopic dermatitis
Cancer treatments



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