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Adam Przygoda, ND

TCM and Orthomolecular Medicine specialist. He has begun medical study from an Acupuncture course completed at the Open International University in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Next got back and continued studying integrated medicine and graduated from the International University, College for Naturopathic Medicine in Sri Lanka. Postgraduate study is being continued in China, Naturopathy in London, UK and Biochemistry in Oxford University, UK.

At present, he is studying towards his PhD degree, writing theses on “Chronic diseases treatment with TCM and Orthomolecular Medicine”. Apart from TCM and orthomolecular medicine he also specializes in photodynamic, laser , and bioresonance therapies. Ha has been involved in various programs like treating Type 2 Diabetes using natural approach, Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity and correlations between Leptin and Insulin, and other related to Neuro-Endocrynology.

In his practice he mainly treats chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid disorders, liver disorders, and neuro-endocrinological conditions.

Blog: Adam Przygoda Blog

In his diagnosis he uses:

Holistic approach
Traditional Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis
5 Elements Theory
Zang-Fu Theory


Blood morphology
Allergy Tests
Mora Tests

In his medical practice he also uses:

Acupuncture (including Laser-acupuncture)
Medical cupping
Moxa treatments
UVB lamp treatments
Thyroid Ultrasonography (USG)
Photodynamic therapies
Laser therapies
Orthomolecular medicine (vitamins and minerals)
Advice on preventive medicine
Cancer supportive treatments


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