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Cancer – supportive treatments

Cancer – supportive treatments

Cancer is becoming more and more appealing health problem. Apart from the conventional approach based on chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, there are more supportive treatments available and that is what we would like to offer.
We focus on an individualised approach to cancer, looking at the best options which will optimise outcome and improve quality of life.
When we meet our patients we discuss what complementary approaches which may be the most effective for each individual patient. We discuss conventional options and supportive ones, i.e. Vitamin C intravenous, ALA and LDN intravenous, H2O2 intravenous and other protocols for both intravenous and oral intake.
There are number of approaches available and none of them is best for all; again we strongly emphasize an individual approach based on individual needs of our patients.

More about alternative/supportive treatments may be found here;

5.Book by Dr. Michael J. Gonzalez, : “I have a cancer; What Should I Do?” :

More information regarding cancer treatments will be provided soon.

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