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About The Clinic

We are a group of doctors and therapists who are passionate about health. We believe that we can combine some of the most recent advanced medical technology with holistic approach to medicine. In other words, we go back to the basics of medicine formulated by Hippocrates, using high technology available today.

It is always better to prevent than treat and therefore we also provide a wide range of advice on diet, nutrition and healthy lifestyle in general. We want to help to develop some healthy habits and to promote an active lifestyle. Being a holistic clinic, we want to help our patients to combine all the above into their lives and enjoy every moment of their life.

When a treatment is needed, we will always have a holistic and individual approach to every condition and illness, and we will focus on the root cause of the problem rather than just symptoms.

All our healthcare professionals are dedicated and passionate about health and that is why we do care to provide the best possible holistic healthcare.

In order to provide the best possible service, we always cooperate with more healthcare professionals around the world and constantly expand on the knowledge we already have seeking to study more to be able to help more.

We are part of more than 10 healthcare professional institutions and are part of different scientific programs which work towards developing new and more advanced ways of various treatments.



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